Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Good to be Home

Whew. This was a busy week for me. I flew down to Shenzhen on Wednesday, had an appointment in Hong Kong on Thursday, then flew home to Shanghai on Friday. My 5 pm return flight didn't actually take off until 7:15; apparently thunderstorms elsewhere in the country were causing havoc with air travel. Flight after flight was delayed or canceled, they were starting to give out meal vouchers to certain flights, and they kept switching departure gates around on everyone (my flight went from gate 13 to 15 to 16). It was beginning to look like my flight might end up canceled as well (the counter was deserted, and at 6:30 the board still said our flight was "delayed until 5:30"), when all of a sudden a worker appeared and called out that we were boarding. By the time I made it to Shanghai, I was tired, hungry, and had a huge headache. Of course, even then I still had to take the subway and then a taxi before I was finally home.

So, yeah, that trip wore me out. Yesterday I just vegged on the couch in my pjs with some light reading. It felt so good just to be home, with the dog curled up by my side and Seth sitting nearby watching old episodes of Star Trek. No more travel plans for me in the near future; I'm staying put for a while!

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