Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Hate Shopping...

Grocery shopping, that is! It can be such an ordeal here. Luckily, we live within walking distance of a really good grocery store, so at least we don't have to stand in line waiting for a cab afterwards with all of our bags (like we did at our old apartment). On the flip side, that means we have to carry all of our stuff home. When you only do your shopping once every couple of weeks, those bags get heavy! I know I should try to adapt to the Asian way of grocery shopping, buying only what we need for a day or two. But the store is always so crowded, with people jostling, blocking aisles with their carts, pushing to get their vegetables weighed, not to mention the sloooow checkout lines - I just can't bring myself to make that a daily event. The one saving grace of the whole thing is stopping by Curry House Coco for some fab Japanese curry. That stuff is good enough to (almost) make me overlook the rest. I swear, I think I could eat there every day! 

Here's something else that makes me happy, something I whipped up super-quick (but totally makes me smile). Seth thinks it's funny when I chuckle at my own cards. 

Now, I'm sure someone may be wondering about the lack of punctuation (the editor in me had a hard time leaving it like this), but would you believe none of the disks for my lablemaker have punctuation? I don't have any of those cute little letter stickers everyone is using, so I just went with what I had (or didn't have, in this case). I think it works. Besides, who can resist a combo of colored woodgrain, a funky birdhouse, and labeltape? 

Card Supplies:
Stamps: Hero Arts "Designer Woodgrain," Basic Grey "Aviary;" Ink: SEI "Cumquats," Brillance "Graphite Black;" Accessories: Dymo labelmaker, black labeltape 


  1. Lisa, I hate grocery shopping as much as you do. It's more a chore than anything! Your card is fabulous and since you left a space where the apostrophe should be, it's perfect.