Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Downside to Sending a Crate

Wouldn't you know, now that everything is packed and ready for the crate, I start thinking about certain craft supplies that have been painstakingly packed and are currently buried at the bottom of a tangram-esque pile of boxes and bags out in the garage... Yeah, I'm wondering if I could go dig just a few things back out (shh, don't tell Seth!). I mean, can I honestly wait 3+ months before I get to break open that brand new bottle of gorgeous Martha Stewart glitter? And what about my Slice? The one I've been envisioning cutting all those layered pp and vellum flowers with? It's in a tiny, tiny little box - that could fit in my carry-on, right? Of course it's not helping things any that I've been leafing through Creating Keepsakes, Paper Crafts, and Scrapbooks Etc. magazines, not to mention perusing the galleries at 2Peas and SCS. I see so many ideas that I'd love to try, but of course all of the cool techniques require supplies that are already packed away. Bummer. Oh, I suppose I'll show some restraint and leave everything the way it is. Except maybe that Slice...

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