Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

The rubbermaid bins have been filled; the space-saver bags have been vacuum-sealed; everything has been purchased and packed, except for a few items I'm waiting on in the mail. Our crate is being built as we speak, and is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. We actually needed a much smaller crate than we had originally thought, which is always a nice bonus. It feels really good to know that the hard part (on this side of the ocean, anyway) is almost over.

We only have three weeks left till our departure (yikes, that's crazy/weird to type!), so we're coming up with our "list" of things we want to do, foods we want to eat, etc., before we leave. I think that really, though, we've already been stateside so much longer than originally planned, that at this point we're just ready to get back to our life in China - who cares about getting bbq or Tex-Mex one last time! Honestly, if we could leave next week, I would.

Almost there!

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