Thursday, October 9, 2008

Your Complete Guide to Cooking Electrically

I found this cool little retro cookbook on one of our thrifting expeditions a few weeks ago in Springfield. It was published in 1960, and it's written for housewives who are just venturing into the new and exciting world of electric ovens. I love the intro:
"This book has been planned and written especially for you - the homemaker whose first interest is in her family, who loves to please her husband and children, whose heart grows warm when they like what she cooks."

And this excerpt:
"There's nothing more beautiful in all of kitchendom than a sparkling new electric range. Available in a batch of bright-eyed colors, there's a model to 'pretty-up' any kitchen and please any budget."

Those sure were different times, weren't they? It actually has some recipes that look pretty good. Living in China necessitates a lot of cooking from scratch, so I like to look through old cookbooks for recipes that are easily adaptable to ingredients I can buy at the local markets. I think even if this one didn't have a ton of usable recipes, I'd still keep it for the cover art alone. Kitschy chic!

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