Friday, February 5, 2010

This & That

Nothing too terribly exciting going on here lately, just doing little last-minute things to get ready for our Thailand holiday next week - laundry, haircuts, updating the ipod, etc. Yesterday hubby and I went to the market to find sunglasses and then had dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant. It was a cold evening, but that food warmed our bellies right up! Such a fun night.

Oh, remember that stamp set I said I found in Hong Kong? It's from Cavallini & Co., called "Destinations." Here's a pic - cute, huh?:

And here's a super-quick card I whipped up:

 The downside is that the rubber isn't trimmed at all, so it makes for messy prints. I had to carefully wipe away the excess ink before stamping, which was a bit of a pain. For as much as I paid for these stamps, I would have expected these to be deep-etched, trimmed rubber. But, regardless, I do love the images!

Now I'm off to watch some vintage X-Files and do yet another load of laundry!

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  1. I love this card and that stamp set! How great that you found it in Hong Kong! That's a total bummer about the rubber, but at least it's cute!