Friday, August 26, 2011


It's been pretty quiet around here the last few days. Well, when I say "quiet" I mean "uneventful", because we happen to live in a pretty noisy neighborhood. The Chinese might call it 热闹 (rènào), which means "lively, bustling with noise" (with a positive connotation) - we call it "say goodbye to peace and quiet". But in a city of 23 million people, can you really expect anything different?

One thing I do love about our neighborhood is that we have so many food options within walking distance: Japanese, Korean, Indian, German, French, American, Spanish, not to mention all of the Chinese options. For lunch today we had Thai: green chicken curry, spring rolls... So good. 

The pop-up card above is the result of some tinkering around in Cricut Design Studio. It lays flat for mailing, and then the recipient can simply fold the bottom half of the cardfront at the hinge to make the words stand up. I thought about adding some masking/stamping to the letters, but then decided less is more. I already have someone in mind for this one - hope it puts a smile on their face! 

Cricut / Design Studio / Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art cartridge 


  1. Beautiful, simple, and amazing! For a while I've been popping into your blog, and just now finally added you to my google reader. I don't know what took me so long, but I'm looking forward to seeing and loving everything you make!

  2. This is beautiful, Lisa! I love the simple elegance of it.

    I hear you on the not-so-quiet. All those delicious food options make up for it. ;)